Code for Freedom is an international Hackathon organised to promote the ideals of freedom, solidarity and democracy in the 21st century.  Technology and activism go hand in hand, and together can ameliorate many aspects of our everyday struggles for a better world. Empowering human rights, responding to humanitarian disasters, reducing life loss in underprivileged regions of the world, increasing transparency and accountability of governments, supporting civic engagement of citizens  and many more topics can be addressed at this hackathone.


Our Hackathon is organized in the cradle of the Polish Solidarity movement, Gdańsk, where more than 30 years ago, workers at the Gdańsk Shipyard made a collective effort to stand against the  undemocratic government of the People’s Republic of Poland, effectively starting a domino effect which brought about the end of communism in Eastern and Central Europe by 1989. We believe that by combining the forces of activists and hackers from all over the world in a place which oozes with the history of a successful peaceful transformation from a restricted society to a free one will bring about a great amount of great ideas of how to create technological tools, which will help people all over the world in their fight for freedom, solidarity and democracy. Join us and register now.



Join us to build apps in order to enforce the values of freedom, solidarity and democracy. It’s up to you how you understand them, the point is to create stuff that will be USEFUL for people, for social good. We encourage you to use this occasion and bring your own idea for an application to be developed during the hackathone. Or just come to help others -whether you are an activist, project manager, coder, graphic designer or a curious citizen, for sure you can give your contribution and enjoy it!

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Organizers & Partners
Lech Wałęsa Institute Foundation
ePaństwo Fundation
Teplitsa of Social Technologies
Supporting projects
Gene for Freedom
Code for Poland
Global Legislative Openness Week
Techsoup Europe
Komputer Świat
Komputer Świat
Dziennik Internatów